Spiritual Resources

"Affirmations do not become true because you affirm them, you affirm them because they are true. You are synchronizing your consciousness with Truth."

- Eric Butterworth


"FAITH: Realize that God is centered in you." - Eric Butterworth;

"LOVE: Love is not giving something, love is being something." - Eric Butterworth; 
"HEALING THROUGH PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING: I PRAISE and give thanks that the strength and power of Thy Spirit now restores me to harmony and health. "Always praise the cooking of the cook” is the instruction of the veteran hobo to the novice." - Charles Fillmore; 
"YOUR LIVING SERVICE: Work, of whatever nature, is to render living service, in obedience to the law of giving and receiving. For you, it is for the purpose of expressing your God-given faculties and powers, to the end that you may manifest the divine ideas God has implanted, the perfect pattern of His Son.
Our work is our means of expressing what God is unfolding through us ... God is ever with us, taking care of our needs, while we are making adjustments. God momentarily provides what is needed. Our part is to recognize that we are getting what we need and to rest in the assurance that when we are ready for something different, it will come." - Myrtle Fillmore.